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Master Class in AML & CTF

Course Introduction

Our three day intensive course is designed with two main objectives in mind. Firstly, to give candidates a holistic and in-depth knowledge on Anti-Money Laundering practices in the combating of financial crime and secondly to prepare candidates for sitting financial crime qualifications (e.g. ACAMS). We achieve this by over the three days covering every aspect of the courses syllabus in an interactive style, followed by sample questions on the final day where candidates will go through typical questions with our expert trainer to solidify the key learning objectives.

Course Objective

  • Our programme is designed to supplement delegates own study for the examination and to fine-tune their knowledge
  • Our course not only covers the materials you need to know to be able to pass either the ACAMS or CISI exams, but also provides more in depth under-standing of the subject
  • This is achieved through interactive discussions and the provision of practical examples to illustrate key points
  • Training Details

    • Location : Middle East
    • Date : Jan 7th - 9th 2019